My Name is Ephraim Umpan. I was once a former Youngest Barangay Chairman of the Philippines before.


Code Projects

This is a sample start-up website for people who has low budget YET.

Barangay Genesis

I have started creating Barangay Genesis Automation System from scratch since 2011 when I was then elected as youngest Barangay Chairman in Kidapawan City at very tender age. My dream for automating our Barangay started when I elected as an SK Chairman (the trial software can be downloaded on the links below). 

Visit (how to set-up):

Barangay Genius Kids

I created this educational games for the students in our barangay 3 years ago.


Ticketing System

Sample ticketing System.



This website was created for my client who operated many spa branches within metro manila.



This website was created for my client's food cart business.


About me

I am Ephraim Albacite Umpan. They said that,"experience is the best teacher." And, for that matter, I am happy that my previous Jobs experiences were as follows: full stack web developer, tutor, software engineer in Japan's ecommerce site, IT Manager switzerland based company, graphic designer, laptop and computer technician, piso net technician, photocopier technician, online sales person, video editor, and senior high adviser and engineering professor at Manila.

My leadership experienced were as follows: Barangay Chairman, SK Chairman, Supreme Student Government President, and Church President.

Also, I have been tutoring students at home and online since 2018 in numerous subjects such as Math, Statistics, and Calculus. Most of my students were foreigners.

With regards to educational background, I am a Computer Engineer by profession with the background on Bachelor of Laws.

The following websites are my old testing sites which I coded some 3 years ago:



These are also old projects that already expired from my former clients before:

1. - Tony Labrusca

2. - Selling cabinets company

3. - Current manpower website project.

Teaching moments...